Notes and Disclaimers


Hello dear readers..

– I wish to highlight that the pictures used for my blog posts are not original to me and I do not claim credit for them unless explicitly stated. All rights reserved to their original owners unless the photos are original to me and state otherwise.

– The following are explanations on the terms or letters being used for this blog.

1) Posts without letters
Ex: 5. My nation
– Regular posts

2) Addendum
Ex: A5: My nation

– Its “an item of additional material, typical omissions, added at the end of a book or other publications” and would usually be some musings or something interesting on the topic I left out.
– The addendum title will contain the title of the corresponding post

3) Self-reflection

Ex: S1
– These posts are purely my own musings and introspection on my life, which doesn’t relate to any topics unless I explicitly state in the self-reflection itself.

4) Book Summary and Review
Ex: BS&R1
– These posts are on books that I have read through. Usually they are more like summaries or reviews.. depending on the book.

5) Video Game Review
Ex: VGR1
– These posts are on video games that either I have played or seen through a play-through. I’d usually give my thoughts on it and why I think this particular game is brilliant.


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