A5: Learning to Play Games and Understanding How The World Actually Works

Hello friends and readers..

After finishing and posting what I have written, I feel the need to extend on the topic as there was something missing. Upon furthering introspection, I realized that the notion of “understanding how the world actually works” is vague. So, I’d like to expand on two areas.

First Area

Now, what do I mean by understanding how the world actually works?

To be clear, I am speaking about “the essence of the universe, nature and living beings that preceded, created or underlined the interactions that we know in our world.”

A good example is a wolf. You can train a wolf to be a dog but you cannot suppress the nature of a wolf to be feral and to act upon its instincts as a wolf. Another example is humanity. Humanity has come a long way from its ancient roots in prehistoric times. However, if we were to assume modern humanity is inherently above its ancestral predecessors, we are mistaken.

In the original post, there was this quote:

“Common decency and civil behaviour are just a thin veneer over the animal at the core of mankind that gets out whenever it has the chance.”

~ Kyril Sindermann (False Gods, by Graham Mcneill, Horus Heresy series)

This is a dangerous and self-serving blind-spot we fail to see in ourselves. I’ve already mentioned most of us consciously presume, think and voice out that we are rational beings rather than we are capable of rational thought. We are trapped in our own species bias if you would. Yet unconsciously, we do very irrational and overly emotional things.

Imagine if you were a race of beings that were similar to humanity but were not from Earth. You were to examine humanity objectively. There is a difference between making observations as a shibboleth and as an outsider. As an outsider, what would he or she find? I would wager the outsider would see humanity as it is, free from humanity’s contextual bias and history (though never free from interpretation due to outsider’s own background, culture and individuality).

It is like the fish that lives in water but does not consciously know it lives in water. It is only by depriving it of water; in its absence would the fish consciously realize its presence. That is what I term contextual bias.

Another example is Plato’s Allegory of the Cave where several men were so attuned to the darkness of the cave, they thought that was all there was in life. That was their reality to the point they were afraid of the light of the sun when presented with an alternative. We take comfort in our own flaws and weaknesses till the point we take shelter in them, even when there is a better way of life or alternative for improvement.

Thus, my point is that no matter how we tell ourselves what we are with the times and era we live in, humanity will always be an animal with its own inherent instincts as a species.

Second Area

Secondly, there is a difference between understanding the nature of things and attributing something to how it has always been done or a traditionalist sense of doing things.

Einstein said that “Everything is relativity”. This means, once upon a time, the old way of things was being done were once new ways of doing things. Hence, nothing is set in stone except constant change.

Therefore, what I mean by how the world actually works is not about the way things were being done in the past. Take modern society’s ever-changing behaviour and culture. I explicitly highlight that how the world actually works refers to “the essence of the universe, nature and living beings that proceeded, created and underlined the interactions that we know in our world.”

Hence, there is more than meets the eye. It is like we are addressing the symptoms of the problem rather than the problem itself. The root cause in another sense.

That’s all for this addendum.

Once again, thank you for reading and I hope you gain something extra from this post.


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